Thursday, December 16, 2010

I have a confession to make

I hoard fabric. 

Over the years, I’ve done some sewing here and there.  In graduate school, I bought a $20 sewing machine and made my own curtains and some blankets for my niece and nephew.  But never any clothes.  I did grow up watching my mom sew, and I remember a lot of things she told me about sewing.  It was only this past year, when I had my baby girl, that I started to seriously think about making clothes.  Clothes for her, of course.  There is something about those teeny tiny girl’s dresses that are irresistible. 

And that’s where my obsession with er, admiration and love for fabric began.  I’d bought my first pattern, a pillowcase dress, and I’d started looking around for fabrics to make the dress.  Who knew there was so much beautiful fabric in the world?  I ended up with a box of fabric and a long list of projects on my to-do list, even before I’d bought my new sewing machine.  (My $20 sewing machine got lost somewhere in our many moves.) 

When I finally did get the sewing machine, I found myself hesitant to use any of the beautiful fabric that I had bought, because, well, it was so beautiful.  I wouldn’t want to cut it up and ruin it.  I’d much rather go out to Joann Fabrics and get some discount fabric to cut up.  I keep collecting more lovely fabric but not wanting to use it.  I now have a tub of fabric, which I store on a shelf in my bedroom closet.  It’s gotten so heavy, I have to have my husband bring it down and put it away again.  He keeps commenting that he thought the more you sew, the less fabric you should have.  Such navïeté. 

So, I started this blog as a place to talk about my sewing projects, as I make an effort to use more of the fabric I've accumulated.  Maybe I will even make that pillowcase dress one day. 

Here’s to recovery from fabric hoarding...
(although this post is backdated to December 2010, this picture was actually taken March 2011, so it did take a few months to accumulate all this fabric!)


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