Monday, June 13, 2011

Little projects

Good things happening lately:
1) We’re enjoying some lovely summer weather around here lately.  (See how baby girl is enjoying wearing her summer hat?)
2) After 13 months, baby girl is sleeping through the night.  After about a week of sleeping through the night myself, I feel like a fog has lifted: less cranky, brain is working a tad faster (you know it’s bad when you forget what the word for “door” is and have to explain to your husband, “you know, that thing you open, with the thing...” oy) and, of course, not dog tired all day long.  Drinking less caffeine.
3) I’m back to working part-time.  I’m looking forward to enjoying the summer with the kids.

I’ve been doing some little projects lately:
1) Finished up “project: new bibs for baby girl”.  Some of them are now dirty and in the wash, so I couldn’t photograph all of them together.  But these are the two bibs I posted earlier:

And this is the third print:

I got 3 different prints of laminated cotton fabric for about $21, and I made 13 bibs from them.  So, each bib cost about $1.60.  Those fancy bibs on etsy cost $10-15.  I proudly informed my husband that I just saved us all this money.  He didn’t seem that excited.

In any case, baby girl now has a bunch of pretty bibs to smear lots of food all over.

2) It was so nice out during Memorial Day weekend, we went in the backyard and did some tie dying.  My son has this tie dye t-shirt that he made during summer camp last year that he loves.  He always picks it out to wear if it’s clean.  It’s starting to get too small for him, so I got a few new t-shirts and a tie dye kit and thought we could make a fun project out of tie dying in the backyard.  It was pretty easy to do and a lot of fun--although a little messy.

The gloves they provided with the kit were huge, so I wore them and figured that I’d be the one to handle the dyed shirts.  The little guy could just squirt the paint all over them.  Well, I forgot to account for the fact that three-year-olds have a mind of their own.  In the middle of drenching one of the t-shirts in blue dye, he picks it up to turn it over, so he could drench the other side with dye.  He had blue hands for about a day after that.  He was really worried that they would be blue forever, and we had to reassure him that the color would fade.
Here’s the result of the tie dye: 3 size 4 shirts for the little guy, 1 for the baby girl, and an XXL t-shirt that everyone thinks is for the hubs:

I got the XXL t-shirt on clearance at Old Navy for $1.98, and I have some sewing-related plans for it.  Stay tuned.  ;)

3) Remember the Beatles suit?  I made a black tie to go along with it.  I used this tutorial and pattern from Lil Blue Boo.  Who knew you could make your own tie?

The little guy was so excited on the day of the school play.  His teacher must have told him how to get to the venue, because when I picked him up from school, he kept telling me, “You have to go past the museum and park your car...”  By the time we were leaving for the play, though, he was in a bad mood and didn’t even want to pose in his suit, which he had been  so eager to put on.  Then, when his class got on stage, he was front and center.  He looked like he was on the verge of tears.  Poor guy.  I thought it was stage fright.  He did rally and did not cry.  He just stood there on the stage stunned.  After they performed, I went to see how he was doing, and it turns out he was burning up.  He must have felt really bad the whole time.  Poor little guy.  We took him home early, and he’s had a fever on and off all weekend.

He did look cute in his suit, though.

4) I’ve also been working on organizing my fabric collection.  I think I might now have enough fabric to clothe a small village.  That just means I have to do more sewing!


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