Friday, February 17, 2012

A little birthday present!

One of our playgroup friends just turned one, and I made this little dress for her.  She’s a real girly-girl, so I can totally see her in this.
I used this tutorial from Prudent Baby.  I had made this one-shoulder dress for the baby girl last summer, and there were a couple of things I was thinking I’d change if I were to make it again.  So, I’m happy that I got to make it again, and make those couple of alterations to the tutorial.  I think it turned out really sweet.  But, really, isn’t anything with ruffles just so sweet?

Here’s some notes on what I did differently from the tutorial (in case you're interested in trying it one day):
- I used a pattern for an A-line dress, and just cut across the front from the inside of one shoulder to the armpit of the other side.
- The first time, I didn’t think the ruffle was “ruffled” enough.  So, this time, for the ruffle, I cut the strip of fabric 1.5-2x as long as what the tutorial calls for, and I ruffled it before attaching it to the dress.  I like it a lot better that way!
- The first time, I placed the tie straps too far out, so this time, I folded the dress in half and marked where the inside of the shoulder would be, and sewed the straps on in that spot.

I also made some bloomers to go with the dress, because what dress would be complete without bloomers?
The hard part about making gifts is you can’t try it on to make sure it fits first.  But hopefully, the birthday girl likes her dress, and hopefully, it fits!

A small confession:  This is one of the dresses I cut out for the baby girl last summer, but never got around to sewing up.  It’s still made with love for the recipient, though.  :)  And I’m glad that it didn’t just perish in my sewing drawer.


  1. where did you find this fabric/what's it called?? love it!

    1. Where you ever able to find out the name or make of the fabric that was used in this tutorial? Thanks :)


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