Wednesday, May 30, 2012

But wait, there's more!

More ruffled aprons, that is.  :)

Hmm...I only have one post for the month of May.  Must rectify that with a post--or maybe two.  You thought you saw a lot of ruffled aprons in my previous post.  And you thought you were done with ruffled aprons.  But wait, there’s more!

There were some ruffled aprons left over from the bridal shower, so I thought I’d send them to some little girls I know who love to cook.  My friend Jenn over at Fat Cat Crafts has three nieces and one baby niece, who I thought would enjoy the aprons.  So, I made a baby apron for the 18 month old niece and added bibs to the half aprons for the other three girls.
And while I was at it, I made one for the baby girl, too.  hee.  Well, when I was making my friend’s apron for the shower, I thought it would look really cute in miniature, so I had intended to make one for the baby girl, but only just got around to it now.  :)
If I ever decided to sew stuff to sell, I think I’d make these little ruffled aprons.  They don’t require a lot of fabric, because they are so tiny.  And they are not too labor intensive to make, because they are so tiny.  And wouldn’t they be hard to resist (because they’re so tiny)?  :)  I’ve been thinking lately about checking out some craft shows and seeing what people are selling there, as research.  I don’t know, what do you think Fat Cat Crafts?  Field trip?

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  1. How funny...I was JUST thinking yesterday the same thing...yes, Fat Crafts is ready for a field trip :0)


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