Sunday, March 20, 2011

The advantage of having a sewing machine

My son is a skinny guy.  It’s really hard to find pants that fit him.  He’s 3.5 and until recently was still wearing 2T pants, because the 3T would just fall off him.  He’d walk around with the Marky Mark look, and Marky Mark is so 1990s.  The 2T pants, though, started get so short, they were looking like flood pants.  It was time to let them go.  Then, I realized, I have a sewing machine.  I could fix those 3T pants so the waist is a little smaller.  These are just his sweatpants he wears to preschool and the park, so nothing fancy.  These are the kind of pants where the elastic is sewn into the pants, so I couldn’t just open up the waistband and shorten the elastic.  So, I ended up sewing both sides of the waistband to make it a little smaller.  Not the most attractive look, but I figure the waistband would be covered by his shirts.  And, more importantly, no more Marky Mark look!

I did about 10 of these in one night.  Whew!

To think, I used to take my pants to the tailor to be hemmed, even my yoga pants.


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