Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sew Lisette Patterns

I don’t have that much interest in sewing for myself.  BUT Liesl Gibson, who designs totally adorable patterns for children’s clothes, just came out with a line for women.  They’re on sale this week at Joann Fabric for $0.99 each.  So, why not?  I got all 4 pattern sets. 

They look very modern, not grandma clothes, you know?  Don’t think I can post pictures from her blog, but she has some nice pictures of the outfits sewn up.  I love the portfolio tunic.  (It's the one on top of the pile.)  Looks very comfy, very summer.

Maybe one day when I’ve run out of things on my to-do list.  ha!  Or maybe when the kids think it’s not cool to wear clothes that mom makes.

For now at least, I'd rather make kids clothes.  This pattern is on my to-sew list.  It’s from Oliver + S, Liesl’s line of kid patterns:

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  1. Very cute! I hope you do make something for yourself and post about it here. I'd love to see it! If I thought I could execute one of these, I'd buy up those patterns too. I think I'll have to start with a very simple A-line skirt or something.


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