Sunday, April 10, 2011


It’s been a busy week!  I started working full-time this week.  I miss the kids like crazy.  And this work thing is seriously cutting into my sewing time, which was already limited to begin with.  Boo.  But it’s only for the next few months, so hopefully, we’ll all survive. 

I have a couple of projects I’ve been wanting to work on, so I thought I’d do things in phases.  I cut out the patterns pieces for the projects first (instead of cutting and then sewing one project at a time).  Sometimes, it takes an hour or so to cut out the pieces for one thing I want to make, because even tracing a pattern, cutting out all the pieces on pattern paper and then cutting out the pieces on fabric, can take a while.  And if I have to figure out my own pattern, it can take even longer.  So, I figured if I do all the cutting in one night for a few different garments, I don’t have to pull out the sewing machine, and that’s less set up time.

Now, my pattern pieces are ready to be sewn.  Of course, the weekend is flying by.  So, these may have to wait until next week. 

I really need a craft room!


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