Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely weekend!

Even though it involved very little sewing.

Working more these days makes me want to soak up the weekends with the kids as much as possible.  We had such wonderful weather this weekend.  We went out to the botanical gardens with some friends.  My son loved hanging out with his friends.  He’s at such a great age.  He loves exploring everything and wants to learn about everything around him.

Watching the bullfrog and fish at the frog pond.

Studying bananas hanging from the trees in the banana forest (while eating a Clif bar :).

A blurry picture is a sign of a kid having fun, isn’t it?  :) 

The baby girl and I have found ourselves in the fabric store quite a bit lately.  (Overcompensation for lack of actual sewing.)  I recently visited a local independent fabric store that carries Oliver + S patterns.  I saw on-line that they had the Puppet Show Tunic pattern in the larger sizes.  I have the one in the baby sizes, but it’s out of print, so I wanted to hoard make sure I had the larger sizes for the future.  But when I got to the store, they did not have the larger size after all.  Their store was beautiful, though.  Lots of beautiful fabric.  And I ended up buying an Oliver + S pattern after all. 

I really didn’t have a lot of interest in making this dress, because it didn’t seem like it was very versatile.  It seemed like a special occasion dress, so I’d make it for the baby girl to wear a couple of times?  Didn’t sound that appealing.  But the girl in the fabric store (who makes all the clothes that are on display in the store) showed me the School Photo Dress she’d made, and it was so cute.  I’m a totally easy sell!  And who cares if it's a special occasion dress.  The baby girl can wear it to the playground if she wants.  That's the fun of making clothes for your kids, right?

I’m planning to make it with a blue damask fabric that I recently got.  Ok, another week starts, and I once again resolve to sew more and plan less...


  1. I love reading your blog Mylinh! It is so calming for me. Hard to describe, but I just get the sense from it that you really take the time to savor the good things of life and I respect and admire that so much. Your history behind 'hidden in the hem, the love of a mother saving a child's chewed book, a spring day out in the pond, and this lovely dress and fabric are all just little gems that I love reading about. They make me smile and make me want to slow down and savor it all too.

    Thank you!

    And I can't wait to see how the dress turns out :) I smile at the "sew more plan less" part too...sounds a little familiar.

  2. @LaurenK Thank you for your sweet comments. They mean a lot to me.

  3. Love this! So glad that we got to go to the botanical gardens together! Can't wait to see more posts!


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