Monday, April 11, 2011

Literature lovers in the making

The subtitle of my blog is “Motherhood, craftiness and other stories,” so since I have no sewing to post about, I’ll focus on the "motherhood" and “other stories” part of the blog.  :) 

As a literature nerd, I was happy to see my son devour books from an early age: 
(My husband says that this was his second Good Night Moon, because he “read” the first one to pieces.  I actually don’t recall this at all.  Plus, if this is his second copy of Good Night Moon, where is the first one?  I still have his hospital bracelet from when he was born, so I don’t see myself throwing out his first Good Night Moon.) 

In any case, it appears his sister is just as voracious a "reader."  Not even Christmas cards are safe:

We got her her own brand new copy of Good Night Moon when she was born, and she just can't get enough.  She just eats it up at bedtime.  (Sick of the puns yet?)

I’m amused at the similar chew patterns.  :)  Brother's on the left; sister's on the right:
(Chewed up spines.) 

(Chewed up corners.)

I went ahead and wrote their names in their respective books, so we’ll remember whose book was whose.  (Who knew I'd find chewed up books so interesting one day.  ;)

I was thinking about sewing while at work today, and I’m excited about some stuff I have planned.  Stay tuned...


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