Sunday, July 3, 2011


I saw this tutorial a while ago and bookmarked it, because the dress was so cute.  I also loved the fabric, so I later got the same fabric that they used in the tutorial.  So, I was a total copy cat and decided to make the dress in the same fabric. 

The dress was really easy to sew together.  I used a pattern for an A-line dress and just cut a diagonal across the front to create the “asymmetric” look.  It turned out pretty cute.

There were just a couple of things that I would do differently next time.

The ruffle in the front was not as “ruffly” as I expected it to be.  As it is now, the only thing providing the ruffling effect is the elastic that you put in, and I don’t think it’s enough.  If I make this again (maybe for next summer), I would probably gather the ruffle strip first before attaching it to the dress, and then using bias tape to make the casing for the elastic.

I would also move the straps in closer to the center.  As you can see, it falls off her shoulder from time to time.

This is when I like patterns, because they tell you exactly where to attach the various pieces.  Well, the good patterns do anyway.

I was thinking this would be a good 4th of July dress, but my husband doesn’t think it’s red-white-and-blue enough.  So, I’ll put her in a blue and white dress instead.  I know, it’s a rough life when your biggest decision is what to dress your baby in for the 4th of July.  ;)

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend!

** On a blogging note, I've been trying to decide what size picture I like best.  I've been using the x-large size, but the pictures seem too big to me.  But then I think the large size pictures are a little too small.  Any thoughts?  (The pictures in this post are the large size.  The pictures in previous posts have been x-large.)


  1. I like either. I think the large fits the layout best but with such cute kids and sewing projects, it's understandable that you'd want to show them off with the extra large photos ;0)

  2. @Jenn I decided to go with the large photos, even though I still wish they were a tad bigger. I'd like to figure out how to make the white area a little bigger on the blog. But, as with many, many things in life, that is a work is progress. :)


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