Thursday, July 21, 2011

My new love: baby bloomers

I was going to write about these in my previous post, but it got a little long, and I didn’t want these adorable bloomers to be lost in all the toy bag talk.  :) 

I made these bloomers to go with the one shoulder dress.  But I like them so much, I’ve been putting them on her even without the dress, or with other dresses.

These bloomers are from a pattern that came with an Oliver + S dress pattern.  There are a lot of free baby bloomers/diaper cover patterns out there, and these O+S bloomers took a little more time to make, but that makes them more well-constructed, imo.  While I like free patterns, I also really liked making these bloomers, because not once did I have to fight with the fabric or sew through bunching fabric.  These came together so nicely.  I’m going to have to make some more, because what’s cuter than a baby* in baby bloomers? 

* I know, technically, she is a toddler.  But we still like calling her “baby girl.”  :)


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