Monday, September 12, 2011

The Halloween debate

Whether to sew or buy the kids’ costumes? 

Sew, of course!  :) 

Trying to plan ahead, so I just ordered some fabric for their costumes.  For a while, I couldn’t get the little guy to commit to a costume.  But I think I’ve gotten him to commit.  I gave him a few options of costumes that will coordinate with his sister's, and he agreed to one of them.  (Well, with some--ahem--politicking on my part.) 

Want to know what I’m planning?  Well, here are a couple of clues: 
Any guesses?


  1. Related, perchance, to the costume you told us about at tea???

  2. @Jenn I think it is the same one I told you about. So, you can't give it away. ;)

  3. The scarecrow from Wizard of Oz?

  4. Aladdin and his magic carpet??? Those gold tassels are making me think of magic carpets!!! Emma is reading Arabian Nights right now so I have Aladdin on the brain!!! Don't keep me in suspense - I want another clue!!! Lots of Love, Karyn


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