Saturday, November 12, 2011

Totally geeked out

I’ve mentioned before how much I love oliver + s patterns.  They are probably my favorite patterns for children’s clothes.  They take a little more time to make, but her instructions are so awesome and the clothes always have such great little details.  I just love the end product.  So, earlier this year, the designer behind oliver + s released a book called Little Things to Sew, a book of accessories and toys for children.  I resisted getting the book for a while, because I decided I wanted to stick to making clothes.  Accessories (like hats and aprons) didn’t appeal to be as much.  But I finally decided I’d get it.  The first thing I made was this bear hat for the baby girl.  I loved making the hat, but I wasn’t so sure about the purple tweed (spur of the moment Joann purchase).  I wanted to try something more “interesting” than the usual “simple” where my tastes tend to gravitate.  So, I was still unsure of the purple tweed, but I put the picture of the bear hat in my flickr feed, and the designer herself commented that she liked the purple tweed.  EEK!

I felt like I’d just shaken hands with my favorite celebrity.

I’m a total sewing geek!

Btw, in one of my sewing geeky moments, I read back in Liesl’s blog, which she started maybe 6 years ago, when her daughter S was born.  Back then, she only had one or two followers it seemed like.  And, now she’s got several pattern lines, designs fabrics, and just wrote a book.  So, you see, you never know where this blogging thing will take you! ;)

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