Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tutu cute!

One final Halloween sewing project.  As I was making this skirt, I kept thinking, This must be too small for the baby girl.  I must have measured wrong.  But no, it fit her fine.  It’s just that she is small.  :)  To give you an idea of how small, this skirt was only seven inches long.  Teeny tiny, right?

And that’s the fun thing about making kids’ clothes.  They are so wee, and just by being so wee, they are so CUTE!  This little skirt looked adorable just hanging there.  And even cuter on the baby, no?

For this tutu, I used the instructions from Little Things to Sew.  Love this book!  I used some Halloween “mesh” from Joann’s.  It’s not as light as tulle, but I think it still turned out ok.  The no-sew tutu is good when you want to make something really quickly and easily.  But this tutu is great if you want something that has a sleeker, more classic look.  And it wasn’t too time-intensive.  Hardest part was pinning all the layers together and then gathering.

Baby girl was fascinated by all the pumpkins everywhere.
Ok, now I’m done with Halloween sewing.  On to the next holiday?  ;)


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  1. Definitely cute and then even cuter on the baby girl!


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