Sunday, October 30, 2011

Changing directions

Pardon me while I change my mind at the last minute and return all these items I purchased for Halloween costumes while buying new items for the costume I’m now going to make.

Back in September, when I was thinking about Halloween costumes, I saw this peacock costume and thought it was so cool.

Making the stand-up peacock tail seemed kind of labor intensive, so I decided against it.  But there are actually a ton of peacock costumes out there, and this one recently caught my eye.  It seemed a lot easier: make a tutu and then some peacock “feathers” out of felt.  October turned out to be a crazy, busy month, so I’m all about easy right now.

I did have to go back to Joann’s and brave the cut table.  They informed me at Joann’s that October is their busiest month.  I can believe it.  I again pulled a number in the 80s, and they were only on 50s.  Thankfully, I did not have any little people in tow that I had to entertain.  But, I don’t know, I might have to avoid Joann’s for the next couple of months--at least on the weekends.  I didn’t realize that many people were into crafting, lol.

But it was all worth it to see this little peacock strutting her feathers:

There was actually very little sewing involved.  I used this no-sew tutorial to make the tutu.  Who knew you could make a tutu without sewing!  I sewed the peacock “feathers,” and that did take a little bit of time.  The tutorial suggested gluing the pieces together, but I thought it would look nicer sewn.  Plus, I don’t have a glue gun, but I may have to procure one one of these days.  The "feathers" kind of get lost in the tulle when she's actually wearing it.

To fancy up the shirt a little, I found a peacock applique at Joann’s and ironed it on.  Another fairly inexpensive project.  Tulle is actually super cheap.  Although, you do need a lot of it for a fluffy tutu.  I used one yard each of blue and green tulle and a few pieces of brown and tan tulle on the sides.  But if I did this again, I’d probably go for more blue and green tulle, so that the skirt fills out the sides a little bit more.  It was cute all the same, though.  :)

The headband was from etsy.  I think it makes the costume.  The pièce de résistance, if you will.  :)

Now, we are all set for Halloween.  Although, with all the festivities leading up to Halloween (various Halloween activities and pumpkin patch visits), it feels like this whole month has been Halloween.  So, on the actual Halloween Day, I’ll be resting.  And maybe eating a piece of candy or two.  I'm already collecting ideas for next year's costumes.  Although, chances that I'll change my mind at the last minute are pretty good.

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