Sunday, May 8, 2011

Posing is so blasé

Apparently, posing for pictures is so 11 months, totally incompatible with being 12 months old.  I tried the baby girl’s bubble dress on her so I could get some pictures of her in it, and she was not having any of that.  Lots of crawling, lots of moving in general and lots of blurry pictures.

She loves to play with the remote control, so I gave it to her to get her to stand still.
But joke's on me: there's a big black remote control in my picture, ha!

This is probably the best full-length picture I could get.  I'll take it, I guess.

Oh well.

Have I mentioned, though, that I love how this dress turned out?  I think the fit is really good.  I was concerned that it might be a little big, because someone in the flickr group had posted a picture of the ice cream dress she said was too big for her baby.  But this dress fit so well.  There is even some room in the arms, so I think it will still fit for a few more months.  I totally want to put it on her everyday, too.

Oh, and I decided to sew on the bodice lining with the machine, and it wasn’t great.  From the outside, it looks fine.  It looks like the bodice piece is top stitched, but the inside is kind of ugly.  Maybe next time, I’ll try hand sewing it.  I say next time, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this dress again!  And the more I look at the bodice piece, I think I like that the flower is not centered.

Baby girl’s birthday was nice.  We didn’t have a party, just a little family get together.  We had cupcakes, but the baby girl didn’t understand she was supposed to smear the cupcake all over herself, so we could get pictures of her doing that.  She just picked up the cupcake and threw it on the floor.  It’s such a nuisance that they have a mind of their own.


  1. I love the dress AND the baby!

  2. Gorgeous dress and beautiful girl! Can I ask what fabric you used?

  3. @seedcakeThe fabric is from Amy Butler, Midwest Modern II Fresh Poppies Ivory. It's available at,
    I think it's perfect for this dress! :)


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